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Ningbo Leakin Instrument & Equipment Completing Co., Ltd.
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Ningbo Leakin Instrument & Equipment Completing Co., Ltd. is a director unit of the Automation Instrumentation Branch of China Instrument Industry Association, executive director unit of the Instrument Material Branch of China Instrument Industry Association, executive director unit of China Instrument Functional Materials Industry Association, vice president unit of China Professional Association of Temperature Instrument, member of the first council of China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, member of the Council of China Nuclear Industry Association, member of China Power Engineering Society, 2012 China’s science and technology innovation demonstration unit, Zhejiang high-tech enterprise, and national high-tech enterprise. auqi has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, HAF003, and the military system certifications. It now has a plant area of 21,000 square meters, and a total staff of about 300 people.

Leakin is committed to designing and manufacturing inorganic mineral insulated cables (MI Cable & SiO2 Cable) containing international advanced technologies, as well as high-performance electric heating and temperature gauges that can be applied to nuclear islands of nuclear power plants. The company is the birthplace of sheathed thermocouple cables (materials) in China, possessing a national invention patent “manufacturing method for sheathed thermocouple materials (Patent No.: ZL 200410016018.7)”. It is the largest manufacturer of inorganic mineral insulated cables in China. Our products enjoy high popularity and competitiveness in the power generation, nuclear, military, transportation, petrochemical and other industries; the iconic performances include: China's first 4 × 1000MW ultra supercritical unit whole-plant temperature measurement and control system for Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant (the latest international clean low-consumption coal power demonstration project), China's first heating and control system for fast reactors’ nuclear islands and conventional nuclear islands (the fifth in the world, with the nuclear fuel rods’ utilization rate improved from 10% to 90%, a project containing intellectual property rights); temperature control system for China's first exported nuclear power project nuclear islands and conventional islands (C1C2 Project exported to Pakistan), temperature heating systems for China’s nuclear power engineering company Fangjiashan 2 × 1000MW project and Fuqing 4 × 1000MW project nuclear islands and conventional islands (the third-generation PWR in the world), temperature measurement and control system for turbochargers of Chinese locomotives, and temperature control systems for military products.

“Manufacturing method for sheathed thermocouple materials” is a national patent (Patent No.: ZL 200410016018.7): auqi is one of the first manufacturers in China being engaged in the production of sheathed thermocouple materials. Since the company established the first domestic sheathed thermocouple cables (materials) production line in China in 1992, the company has realized the third generation of acid-free cleaning sheathed cable production line, marking that China's most advanced sheathed cable production lines are keeping abreast of the international advanced level.

“High-temperature high-pressure and high-flow rate sheathed thermocouple and use method thereof” (Patent No.: ZL 200610051858.6) and “welding method for high-temperature high-pressure and high-flow rate sheathed thermocouple” (Patent No.: ZL 200710069252.X) are national invention patents: the “temperature casing strength calculation and design simulation program” successfully introduced by auqi is China's first high-temperature and high-pressure temperature casing strength design, calculation and simulation work platform for supercritical and ultra-supercritical thermal power generating units, providing scientific support for theoretical data calculations for selecting the safety factors and new materials for temperature casings, which has a very important significance for measuring equipment safety and quality. The derivation of the theoretical computing formula has passed the appraisal by the Institute of Atomic Energy of China. As of January 2011, 20 units have won the bids for one-million-grade ultra-supercritical units, or which 14 have been put into operation.

 “Small-inertness IE grade platinum resistance thermometer” is a national patent (Patent No.: ZL 200610052931.1): it provides the temperature signals corresponding to primary coolants for nuclear reactor power control systems, nuclear reactor protection systems and thermal control systems, as well as the fast thermal response time of thermometers under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, and complete the complete set of 1E prototype performance tests.

The company has a number of engineers holding senior technical professional titles to provide technical services for customers, to meet their needs in temperature measurement and provide the tools; they will explore and design the potentials of temperature heating and measurement together with users, and provide easy-to-operation and reliable high-quality products and systems. Welcome to contact us. We will be very happy to serve you.

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